Workshop: Military Imaginaries of AI and the Anthropocene

Uppsala University, 8-9 December 2022

A two-day summit of talks, activities, and critical discussion

The Center for Multidisciplinary Studies on Racism (CEMFOR), Uppsala University, Sweden, in cooperation with the School of Global Studies and the School of Business Law and Economics at Gothenburg University, are proud to host the international workshop Military Imaginaries of AI and the Anthropocene.

On December 8-9, junior and senior researchers from across Europe will gather in Uppsala to engage in interdisciplinary discussions on the emerging conflation of the concepts of AI and the Anthropocene in security and military discourse. The workshop aims to open discussions on how to understand the dual impact of AI and the Anthropocene on military imaginaries, discourses, normative ordering and practices, offering a much-needed space of dialogue between critical scholars of AI and the Anthropocene respectively. The ambition is to bridge disciplinary and thematic boundaries – to open a dialogue of critical scholarship on two domains marked by a perceived ontological separation between the digital and the natural.


updated 2 December

Day 1, Thursday 8 December.

Uppsala University Main Building, Room VIII

10.00 - 10.30: Registration/Coffee

10.30 - 10.45: Welcome address

10.45-11.45: Opening keynote: Julian Reid

Professor of International Relations, University of Lapland

Resilience in Military-Strategic Imaginaries

12.00 – 13.00: Lunch at Café Alma

13.15 - 15.00: Workshop session 1:

Governmental Imaginaries of War, AI and the Anthropocene

Chair: Sofie Hellberg


13.15-13.40: Simon Larsson, University of Gothenburg & Claes Tängh Wrangel, CEMFOR

Intelligent Green Wars: Military Imaginaries of AI and the Anthropocene

13.40-14.05: Johanne Jenssen Skeie, Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies

The military imaginaries of artificial intelligence and climate change in the NATO 2022 Strategic Concept

14.05-14.30: Justinas Lingevičius, Vilnius University

Military Artificial Intelligence as Power: Considerations for European Union Actorness

14.30-15.00: Johan Eddebo, Uppsala University

Some Perspectives on Natural and Artifical Agency

15.00 - 15.30: Coffe break

15.30 - 17: Workshop session 2

Legal Orders of AI and War

Chair: Fleur Johns


15.30-16.00: Adrian López Fleming and David Wiehls, University of Barcelona

Problems of Command and Control with Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems: Auftragstaktik in a Posthuman Era

16.00-16.30: Klaudia Klonowska, University of Amsterdam (via Zoom)

The Means of Warfare and their Masters: Human-Centrism in the Regulation of Emerging Technologies of Warfare

16.30-17.00: Matilda Arvidsson, University of Gothenburg (via Zoom)

Ordering Human-Other relationships: International Humanitarian Law and Ecologies of Armed Conflicts in the Anthropocene

17.45: Workshop Dinner:

Traditional Swedish Christmas buffet (julbord) at Norrlands nation, Västra Ågatan 14

Day 2, Friday 9 December:

Uppsala University Main Building, Room I

9.45 - 10: Coffee

10.00-12: Workshop session 3:

Military Practices of AI in the Anthropocene

Chair: Simon Larsson


10.00-10.30: Oliviera M Cecilia, IASS Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, University of Potsdam (via Zoom)

Militarization of science in the Amazon rainforest: new planetary hotspots of climate security

10.30-11.00: Elise Daniaud, Luiss University

Techniques of war and dehumanisation in the Anthropocene: the representations of the Russian intervention in Syria in the eyes of Russian- embedded journalists

11.00-11.30: Bibi Imre-Millei, Lund University

Militarized Human-Drone Collaboration as Presented on YouTube

11.30-12.00: May-Britt Öhman & Eva Charlotta Helsdotter, CEMFOR, Uppsala University

Military training sites in the Arctic: Human and nature consequences and experiences

12 - 13: Lunch at Café Alma

13.15 - 15: Workshop session 4

Intelligent War Assemblages

Chair: Claes Tängh Wrangel


13.15-13.50: Berenike Prem, The University of Bremen

Seeing War through AI’s Lenses: Military AI, Technological Mediation and the Representation of War

13.50-14.25: Caroline Holmqvist, Swedish Defence University

Undoing war assemblages

14.25-15.00: Claes Tängh Wrangel, CEMFOR, Uppsala University

The ‘Human’ in Algorithmic Security? US Military Imaginaries of Neurobiologically Informed AI-operations

15-15.30: Coffee break

15.30 – 16.30: Closing keynote: David Chandler

Professor of International Relations, University of Westminster

The Self-De(con)struction of the Western Way of War, or, Losing their Minds: The NATO War for Cognitive Dominance

16.30-16.45: Closing address

The Venue

The workshop will take place at the historic Uppsala University Main Building, room VIII (day 1) and room I (day 2). Located at the heart of Uppsala - the workshop venue is accessible by foot, bicycle, car or bus.

Address: Biskopsgatan 3


Located at the centre of Uppsala, the University Main Building is reachable by foot from numerous hotels. The organizing committee and keynote speakers will stay at Grand Hotel Hörnan, Bangårdsgatan 1.

Important dates

Important dates:

Deadline for abstract submission: 15 June 2022

Acceptance emails: 30 August 2022

Registration closes: 31 October 2022

Paper submission: 1 December 2022

Organizing Committee

Matilda Arvidsson

Associate Professor in International Law at the Department of Law, University of Gothenburg

Sofie Hellberg

Associate Professor in Peace and Development Studies, School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg

Simon Larsson

Researcher at the Gothenburg Research Institute, School of Business Law and Economics Gothenburg University

Claes Tängh Wrangel

Researcher and Director, Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies on Racism, Uppsala University